Dave Hughes snaps at Kate Langbroek in off-air rant

"We will do a show without this (Skype) f*ing bullst."

Radio co-hosts Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek usually put a united front on for the radio but their unshakeable bond was put to the test when the duo were forced to record the show from different time zones.

The Hit Network released footage of the pair taking part in a hilarious off-air spat, which sees Hughes lose his temper when he can’t get Skype or his internet to work.

“We can still do a f***ing show, Katie,” Hughes yells at his co-host.

“We will do a show without this (Skype) f***ing bulls**t. You’re not going to look at me, I’m sorry, I’m not that pretty.”

“I want to look at you,” Langbroek responded. “I can’t help it!”

Hughes was in Montreal for the Just For Laughs Festival. He had to record the radio segment between 2.30-4.30am in a Canadian radio station so he could take part in hosting the live show.

When struggling to connect through to Australian callers dialling into the show, he jokingly scolded Kate for being unhelpful.

“You take over for once … rather than sitting back like a f***ing Queen Sheba,” he said.

“No, you c**t,” Langbroek replied in jest. “Remember, you’re angry at yourself.”

Hughesy & Kate airs Monday-Friday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm on the Hit Network

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