Delta Goodrem’s secret health battle

“Just trying to stay positive.”

In a moving video shared to her Instagram, Delta Goodrem has revealed for the first time she suffered a secret health battle back in 2018.

WATCH BELOW: Delta Goodrem’s harrowing secret health battle

The six-minute video (watch above) detailed the deeply personal journey that she went through while writing her new single Paralyzed and what it meant to her.

“Delta woke up from surgery to find that she had lost the ability to control her speech,” text in the video explained.

“Complications after the removal of Delta’s salivary gland led to a paralysis of a nerve in her tongue.”

Delta Goodrem
“I’m taking this as a rebirth thing, that’s what it means.” (Credit: Instagram)

An emotional Delta appeared in the footage in hospital and is audibly unable to speak the same way she normally does.

“I’m taking this as a rebirth thing, that’s what it means. Rebirth. Thirty four,” she said.

While she attempts to stay positive throughout the ordeal, at one point Delta broke down and tearfully confessed: “I don’t want to go out, I’m super embarrassed, I’m over it.”

Delta Goodrem
Delta lost the ability to control her speech after surgery. (Credit: Instagram)

As a singer, her voice is crucial to her career and Delta admitted the potentially permanent loss is weighing on her mind.

“My livelihood is my sound,” she said, before later adding, “I’m trying to decide whether this is getting any better or not. It doesn’t feel like it.”

Delta Goodrem
Delta wrote her album whilst in recovery. (Credit: Instagram)

More text then explained that it was unknown when – or if – Delta’s nerve damage will ever recover and Delta is put into months of daily speech therapy as she attempts to get better.

Videos recorded along the way show her progress as Delta at one point admitted, “This has been a little bit harder than I expected but all is going to be ok.”

Watch the full video above for her inspiring journey.

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