The subtle clues that Irena wins The Bachelor

Step aside Bella!
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Irena Srbinvoska entered the mansion with one of the more interesting props we’ve seen on a Bachelor premiere – a stethoscope

Revealing she was a nurse, Irena asked to check Bachie Locky Gilbert‘s heartbeat. And, to no one’s surprise, the 31-year-old found she’d managed to get the hunky adventure’s ticker racing.

WATCH: Irena gets Bachelor Locky’s heart racing

“I think I heard your heart skip a beat right there,” Irena joked with her hands inside Locky’s shirt.

The entrance has left quite the impression on Locky, and fans, who have Irena pegged as a front runner for the show.

There also been plenty of subtle clues the stunning contestant is the last lady standing, with the final rose in hand.

Judging by the Melbourne-based nurse’s Instagram, filled with constant adventures, we can easily picture her fitting into Locky’s life.

Here’s everything we know about Irena, thus far.

Locky and Irena
Locky was certainly taken by the stunning nurse. (Credit: Ten)

She’s a nurse

With Locky’s adventurous hobbies, a nurse for a girlfriend would surely be an added bonus.

And, from what we can tell Irena’s well experienced and passionate about her job.

“Life as a nurse is messy, challenging and an endless cycle of shift work but it’s also the most rewarding and inspiring job,” Irena said of her job while recounting a less-than-pleasant experience with a vomiting patient.

“I am so proud to call myself a nurse and I am so blessed to be surrounded by such incredible nurses everyday.”

She’s a mum

Well, a mum to two very adorable fur babies.

Irena lists her Instagram bio as “proud mumma to Leo and Maggie”, her cute cat and fluffy golden retriever.

With faces like these, we’d be proud too.

Look at those cuties! (Credit: Instagram)

She’s a talented baker

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so Irena may be in luck on her quest to win over Locky.

The talented nurse has a flare for baking, taking out the Central Geelong Bake Off in 2013.

The dessert queen appeared in the local paper after taking out the competition, returning to defend her title in 2014 she revealed she may turn her hobby into a career one day.

“After last year I had a few offers to bake for local cafes,” she told the Geelong Advertiser, “It’s all been so worth it in the end.”

Maybe we could see her on MasterChef next?

Locky isn’t the only one who likes travel and adventure. (Credit: Instagram)

The “winner’s edit” has been a long-running theory in the Bachie franchises, which says the final man or woman is typically edited in the final cut with a few extra bells and whistles.

Upon watching this season’s premiere, former winner and therefore reputable source Chelsie McLeod, pointed out a clear change in the show’s music on Irena’s entrance.

“Ooh, winner’s music!” she said in an Instagram video before captioning: “Top four surely… that music. She’s cute.”

Was that the winner’s edit we saw for Irena? (Credit: Ten)

Then there’s the photographic evidence. 

In a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan page, eager viewers tracked down pap pics which show Irena, Bella and Kaitlyn in the top four.

Finally, we have the bookies.

Every year betting agencies release the odds for which Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are picked to win, and they’re usually pretty spot on.

Irena is currently in top spot with Bella tipped as Locky’s runner up.

This article was originally published on our sister site New Idea.

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