The OG Gossip Girl cast: Then and now

What's become of these bratty New York socialites?
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Our favourite cast of rich and bratty teens is about to grow with the reboot of Gossip Girl hitting screens on July 8.

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The new iteration of the show sets up a new cast to handle the return of Gossip Girl in a world where social media makes it all the more difficult to keep secrets.

We’ve already seen the return of some iconic sets – picture the new gen splayed across the steps of the Met in fashion-forward school uniforms, just like the good old days.

The show originally ran from 2007 to 2012. (Credit: Supplied)

It’s impossible to forget the original cast of characters, whose decadent lives made for an era-defining show from 2007 to 2012.

But where are they now? Married with kids and killing the game in Hollywood, here’s what became of Manhattan’s elite.

Blake Lively. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Blake Lively

Blake Lively starred on the show as the problematic Serena van der Woodsen. She has been incredibly busy in the nine years since the show ended, going on to star in movies, marry, and have three kids.

Since leaving Gossip Girl, Blake has starred in major Hollywood films such as The Age of Adaline, The Shallows, and A Simple Favour. She began dating husband Ryan Reynolds in 2010 while filming Green Lantern, and went on to marry him in 2012. They have three daughters together, James, Inez, and Betty.

Leighton Meester. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Leighton Meester

Playing the devious rich-girl Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl was just the start for Leighton Meester. Like Blake, she has gone on to become a wife and a mother while continuing to act. She won bigger roles in films like That’s My Boy and The Judge, and also returned to TV for a starring role in Single Parents for a few years.

She met husband Adam Brody (of O.C. fame) on the set of The Oranges, and the two married in 2014. They had a daughter, Arlo Day Brody, in 2015, and a son, born in 2020. However, the private couple have not yet revealed his name.

Penn Badgley. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Penn Badgley

‘Lonely Boy’ Dan Humphries got a surprising end on Gossip Girl’s original run, and has proved himself an effective villain ever since.

Actor Penn Badgley shot back into the mainstream as Joe Goldberg on You, the slightly terrifying psychological thriller that saw him stalking and murdering people across New York.

He married singer Domino Kirke in 2017, and adopted her son, Cassius as his own. She announced last year that she had given birth to another baby boy, James.

Chace Crawford. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Chace Crawford

Slightly older but just as handsome as his days playing Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford has remained mostly on television.

He is currently working on the superhero drama, The Boys, for Amazon Prime. Chace seems to be single at the moment, but has previously been linked to Rebecca Rittenhouse, Rachelle Goulding, Ashley Greene and Carrie Underwood.

Ed Westwick. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick seems to have remained in New York, just as his character Chuck Bass undoubtedly would have. He’s had a handful of roles over the years in films like Romeo and Juliet, Chalet Girl and Bone in the Throat as well as British TV series, White Gold.

He is in a relationship with model Tamara Francesconi, and the two have an adorable French bulldog.

Taylor Momsen. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Taylor Momsen

Although she played the notoriously annoying Jenny ‘Little J’ Humphries on Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen has proved herself to be a woman of many talents since.

Fronting the heavy-rock band, The Pretty Reckless, Taylor has stayed focused mostly on her music since the end of the show in 2012.

You can watch the Gossip Girl re-boot on BINGE when it airs this week!

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