Home and Away’s James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are engaged

The gorgeous couple confirmed the happy news!
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Hold me in your arms forever!

Summer bays real life love birds James Stewart and Sarah Roberts have announced they are engaged!

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The couple, who fell in love on the set of Home And Away, are officially engaged.

Stewart took to Instagram, writing, “She said yes,” alongside a photo of his bride-to-be flashing her ring.

The actor confirmed they are set to get married in chat with New Idea

The publication shared that on Nov. 30, at their favourite restaurant – the same place they had their first date – James, or Jimmy as he’s known to friends, proposed.

“It was the last day of spring,” Sarah, 34, recalls exclusively to New Idea.

“Sarah’s birthday is Dec. 4, but I wanted to make it a surprise” James, 43, explains.

“Some good friends said, ‘keep it simple’. So, I was sitting in this Italian restaurant and I was sweating, but I kept it simple – which made it more real.”

(Credit: WHO)

Roberts confessed she “didn’t see it coming this soon.”

“You tricked me! When the box came out I thought, ‘Maybe it’s a birthday bracelet’ but Jimmy was nervous, a bit sweaty, and his eyes were watery. I knew something was up.”

Earlier this year, the couple chatted to WHO about how made Roberts a part of Stewart’s daughter with Jessica Marias – Scout’s life.

“That was a slow process and they are now becoming really good buddies,” he told us.

“Yes, she’s so sweet,” Roberts added.

The friendship between Scout and Roberts has been a successful one, with Stewart revealing that the pair has found a cute hobby.

“They gang up a little bit on me,” he laughed with his partner chiming, “Yes that’s true. We’re a girl gang, a girl gang of two.” 

For their full interview head to New Idea

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