Home & Away shock romance: Ada and James are ON

We were NOT expecting this!
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Summer Bay fans weren’t expecting this! Home and Away’s Leah and Justin are about to set the screen alight with some seriously sizzling chemistry.

WATCH BELOW! The shocking moment Justin hits on Leah! 

In an interview with New Idea, Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart spill all, from filming their love scenes, what their real-life partners thought about the on-screen romance, and much more.

Speaking to the magazine, Ada admits she was shocked at first to learn about her pairing with James’ character.

(Credit: Seven)

‘It was surprising at first, because the characters haven’t had that much to do with each other. They’ve both been involved in quite different storylines – but then, it sort of makes sense. Leah and Justin are a similar age and they’re the ones who always seem to look after everyone else. But I think they’ve also both got to a stage in their lives where they need a friend to chat to and are ready to have a bit of fun.’

However, James thought it was an ‘obvious’ move for the unlucky-in-love characters.

‘I’ve known Ada for almost 20 years. My very first job was on a show called Breakers that Ada was also in. So we had an easier place to begin from than you sometimes do meeting someone brand-new. And when I did think about it, it was quite an obvious move to bring the two characters together. There’s a bunch of similarities there.’

Despite getting on famously with James behind the scenes, Ada admits that filming love scenes is anything but romantic.

Oh, they’re not romantic! [Laughs] They’re always a bit awkward, especially in the beginning until you find your groove with the other actor and you talk through things. You just need to make sure that the other person is comfortable, but the more you get to know someone the easier it becomes.

Luckily both Ada’s partner Adam Rigby and James’ fiancée Sarah Roberts, who plays Willow on Home and Away aren’t concerned by the onscreen romance.

‘Adam knows it’s just part of the job. It’s part of what we all sign up for, really,’ says Ada.

‘It’s just like another day in the office for Sarah, too. And Ada and Sarah get on like a house on fire – they are great pals,’ continues James.

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