Wait! Are We Getting a Home Improvement Reboot?

Tim Allen has lifted our hopes!
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Almost 25 years after Home Improvement ended, it’s still easily one of the most identifiable and re-watchable 90s sitcoms.

A hilarious Tim Allen, a cute Johnathan Taylor Thomas and more plaid than we’ll ever need – its stronghold on fans around the world has seen the show become a timeless cult classic and comfort series that audiences can watch again and again. 

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While many fans thought the eight-season ABC hit was safely in the past, the new-world obsession with reboots and revivals has seen the show become the latest retro series to be thrust back into the spotlight…and a new re-imagination of the show could very much be in the realm of possibilities. 

And the best part? Tim Allen is totally on board with the idea! 

home improvement reboot
The iconic series ran from 1991 to 1998. (Credit: Getty)

“I see Richard Karn [who played Al Borland on the show] a lot,” the 70-year-old actor recently told The Messenger.

“And I talk to the boys [Zachery Ty Bryan, who played Brad; Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played Randy; and Taran Noah Smith, who played Mark]…and I’m there as one of their friends. We keep talking about [a spinoff].”

“It’s funny, one of the conversations we’ve had recently is how weird it would be if Home Improvement would be about the kids’ kids. Like if all of them had children, and I’m a grandparent. Home Re-Improvement or something like that. It’s come up.”

home improvement reboot
Tim revealed he was still in contact with Richard, the actor who played his on-screen co-worker and friend, Al. (Credit: Getty)

But don’t get too excited yet – Home Improvement star Patricia Richardson gave a few more details on the ‘reboot,’ and it’s not sounding likely. 

Speaking on the Back to the Best Podcast, the actress, 73, said she believes it’s best to leave the show as is.

“It’s not the same – it’s not gonna be the show. At all,” she explained. “And people think we can just magically go right back to who we were 30 years ago and do a show that was 30 years ago, and we’ve all changed quite a bit, I think, since then.” 

“And the show would just be… It would be very weird. It makes me sad to think about it. I think — We did it. We did it well. We quit at the right time before it got really bad. And it should just stay as it is.”

She also revealed she was “never asked” by Tim to star in a reboot and was confused by his latest comments. 

“He kept coming out publicly, I mean, it was so weird … I’d hear that he was coming out publicly and saying this stuff about how everyone was on board to do a Home Improvement reunion,” she explained on the podcast.

“But he never asked me, and he never asked Jonathan [Taylor Thomas], who I talk to. So I called Jonathan one day and I said, ‘Has he asked you about this?’ And he went, ‘No. Why is he going around telling everyone that we’re all on board when he hasn’t talked to you or me?’

“I think that’s weird.”

Patricia Richardson
Patricia Richardson isn’t quite on board with the idea. (Credit: Getty)

This isn’t the first time the Santa Clause actor has discussed bringing Home Improvement into the 21st Century. 

Back in 2018, the actor told Entertainment Tonight that he was “very interested” in reviving the show. 

“I can’t say everybody, but it has been floated,” he said. “And more than I would have expected said, ‘Yeah, that would be cool to do it years later,’ like Roseanne.”

The same year he reinforced his belief that a spin-off should focus on his children during an interview with E! News. 

“What I’d love to see is those boys grown up—what they’re doing grown up,” he explained. “I think that’d be an amazing piece of television.”

tim allen home improvement the santa clauses
Tim is currently starring in Season Two of The Santa Clauses. (Credit: Getty)

Currently, Tim is starring in another classic reboot – a television series focused on his iconic role as Scott Calvin AKA Mr Clause himself in The Santa Clause. 

The Santa Clauses is now in its second season and follows the Calvin family as they learn the ropes of the family business in the North Pole.

You can stream both The Santa Clauses and the original The Santa Clause movie franchise on Disney+. 

Every episode of Home Improvement is also available to stream on Disney+. 

Stream the Tim Allen classics now on Disney Plus with a mth-to-mth no lock-in contractSubscribe here.

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