How to effectively help flood affected communities in NSW and Queensland

Keen to roll up your sleeves and get involved? Here's how.
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As extreme weather and devastating floods sweep across Australia’s East Coast, many have been wondering how they can get involved to help those affected by the New South Wales and Queensland floods.

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With multiple casualties across both states and tens of thousands of people displaced, their homes and businesses in ruins, there are many communities that need our help right now. And the good news is that there are lots of ways we can all get involved to support our fellow Australians in their time of need. 

By donating funds, goods, or time to the affected communities you can help them now and on the long road to recovery.

Make A Donation

St Vincent de Paul Society – AKA Vinnies – has established two charities: The QLD Flood Appeal and The NSW Flood Appeal.

The Red Cross has established the QLD and NSW Floods Appeal, which you can donate to here.

The Special Emergency Services and Rural Fire Service, who are both on the ground, are accepting donations. You can donate to the NSW SES here and the QLD SES here. Donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service here and the QLD Rural Fire Service here.

There’s also been a Floods hub set up on Go Fund Me where you can see individual fundraisers, check it out here.

Foodbank Queensland is also collecting funds for its Foodbank Queensland Flood Emergency Appeal 2022, which you can donate to here.
NSW and QLD have been devastated by floods after extreme weather. (Credit: Getty Images)

Donate Goods

The most important thing with emergency relief donations is to make sure what you’re donating is actually needed – please don’t stick your unwanted clothes or old house junk on people if it’s not going to help them.

GIVIT is managing offers of donated goods, services, volunteering and funds across NSW and QLD. They have a hefty list of goods needed by communities and individuals impacted by the floods. 

With items including sunscreen, disposable masks, cleaning supplies and blankets on the list there are plenty of necessary items you can donate. The organisation is asking that no unrequested donations be made as it can overwhelm local charities and individuals, hindering recovery efforts. See how you can get involved with GIVIT here

Vinnies also has an option to donate goods, which you can see here.

Locally, in Byron Bay brands Nagnata and Imbibe are collecting goods including doonas, bedding, towels, toiletries and non-perishable foods to deliver to emergency centres.

Sydney-based Lismore local Tegan Lorraine is collating supplies in Parramatta to be brought to Lismore. See her full list here.

John Lawrence and Payton Campbell with their children Harlow
John Lawrence and Payton Campbell with their children in Northern NSW. (Credit: Getty Images)


Emergency volunteer organisations are popping up across both states, with individual efforts sprouting up across social media. There are also some larger organisations you can get involved with. 

Crisis Heroes is connecting people in need with those who can help them now, with the likes of heavy lifting on their property or providing transport. Find out how to get involved here.

You can also check out Crisis Heroes here to find ways to help locally.

You can volunteer for the NSW SES here and the QLD SES here.

Brisbane City Council and Volunteering Queensland are asking for volunteers to sign up for the Mud Army 2.0 to help clean up Brisbane. You can see more here.

flood relief
A member of the SES in flood waters. (Credit: Getty Images)

If you are in a state of emergency or distress due to the floods call SES on 132 500.

If the floods have impacted your mental health, you can call Lifeline’s 24/7 crisis support helpline on 13 11 14 or text or message them online here.

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