I’m A Celeb’s Tom Williams spills on feud with Charlotte Crosby

After he labelled the Geordie Shore star a party animal
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I’m A Celebrity evictee, Tom Williams has spilled the beans on his now infamous spat with fellow contestant, Charlotte Crosby.

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Appearing on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show following his departure from the South African jungle, Williams defended labelling the Geordie Shore star as a party animal.

“Our encounter was quite early on,’ Tom told hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’

‘It was probably at that time where everyone was seriously detoxing from everything in life,” Tom added.

“And she called me out. And that’s fine, you know. Maybe I sort of let my guard slip a little bit.”

Tom then went on to praise the veteran reality TV star.

‘She’s a real go-getter and a real good kid. I was happy to appease what she wanted me to do,’ he said.

The pair clashed on their second day in the jungle, after Tom suggested that all Charlotte does is party.

“You fly out and come back?’ he asked for her plans after the show, to which Charlotte replied: ‘I never go home. I go to Dubai and come to Australia for the whole of February.”

“For what?” the former The Daily Edition host snapped, “to party?”, to which Charlotte snapped back, “not to party, I got work there.”

Tom snapped again: “Going to parties!” at which point the former Geordie Shore star fumed: “No, that’s not the only thing I do. From that comment, I knew he prejudged us,” [sic] she said.

Speaking to Tom, Charlotte added: “I think Tom has prejudged us!” to which Tom insisted, “no, I haven’t.”

Charlotte shot back: “Yes you have. You have asked no questions and you made another stupid comment.”

“We’re talking about Geordie Shore because that is when I became famous. But I have got me own reality show and two businesses and partnerships in hair, clothes,” she insisted.

Charlotte went on: “I don’t just go around and drink and party. I thought maybe you judged a bit”.

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