Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston take nostalgic trip back to Bachelor mansion

Back to where it all began…
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Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston, the winners of The Bachelor season nine, have made a nostalgic trip back to where it all began, visiting the mansion of the iconic dating series. 

Watch Below: Jimmy and Holly visit Bachelor Mansion

The couple, who are now engaged, took to Instagram to share their trip down memory lane, delighting fans with cute videos. 

Finding themselves close to their old digs during a hunt for a Christmas tree at Dural Christmas Tree Farm near Sydney, the pair made a quick detour.

“We’re in Dural and we thought why not make a quick pit stop at the Bachelor mansion,” explained Holly.

“I have no idea how to get here,” she continued. “Jimmy has had to direct because I didn’t know where I was living for three months.” 

Holly also revealed that she had no clue where the mansion was because she was made to wear an eye mask and glasses whenever she had to leave the property throughout filming.

Jimmy and Holly
Holly was nervous! (Credit: Instagram)

And although Jimmy was excited about the visit, Holly wasn’t too keen, explaining that the trip was giving her “anxiety.”

“It’s too soon!” she fretted, as she explained that the sight of the mansion was giving her heart palpitations. 

As they pulled into the driveway, the couple reminisced on the place where they first met. 

“I was so nervous driving down here for the rose ceremonies” Jimmy shared. 

Holly also pointed out where she walked down the red carpet in the debut episode. 

Jimmy and Holly
A trip down memory lane. (Credit: Instagram)

Giving fans a tour, Holly pointed out which room she stayed in during her time on the season, as Jimmy pointed out his own room. 

“That’s where my room was,” Jimmy explained in the footage, before cheekily adding, “I don’t know where Holly’s room was as she never invited me.”

Jimmy and Holly
Back to where it all began… (Credit: Instagram)

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