Why Kourtney Kardashian’s “real body” has divided fans

“This isn’t the body positive statement y’all think it is."
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Fans are divided after Kourtney Kardashian showed off her real body on Instagram, with some calling it a powerful statement while others claim it just proves she’s been photoshopping her figure.

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The reality TV star took to social media on Sunday to share a series of behind the scenes photos from the campaign shoot for her new wellness brand, lemme.

Two photos showed the mum-of-three posing in a beige bandeau and knickers, showing off her soft stomach and curves on her hips.

While the star is still petite, fans quickly noticed that she didn’t look quite as slim and toned as other photos she’s posted in the past.

Some heaped praise on Kourtney for showing her “real body” online, dropping comments like “the NATURAL body” and “Embrace your curves, it’s reality and your gorgeous”.

Kourtney showed off her soft stomach and curves on her hips. (Credit: Instagram)

“100 per cent [real] or at least close to it. This why she’s my fave and I have all the other sisters blocked. Lol. She’s only Kardashian I see!” one wrote.

But others took issue with the photo, claiming it just “proves” Kourtney has edited her photos and promoted unrealistic beauty standards in the past.

“This isn’t the body positive statement y’all think it is when she’s edited the s—t out of every other body photo she’s posted in the past, but sure give her hype for doing the bare minimum,” one comment read.

There’s no denying Kourtney’s figure has changed since she last bared so much skin on Instagram, as bikini snaps posted in January show the star looking toned and trim.

Kourtney’s bikini snaps posted in January show the star looking toned and trim. (Credit: Instagram)

But the changes in her body may just be down to natural weight gain, fluctuating hormones or something else – there’s no proof she was photoshopping her body previously.

In fact, some fans have insisted the star is pregnant based on the new photos, saying the changes in her stomach especially suggest she may be expecting.

“That little belly! I know her and Trav [husband Travis Barker] are trying, maybe they’ve succeeded?” one commented.

Another wrote: “Stop because I thought she was holding a baby bump.”

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The debate about her latest photo raises questions about how women’s bodies are turned into statements when posted online.

While Kourtney may have only intended to promote her new brand, baring her figure seems to have unintentionally invited plenty of drama and discussion. She just can’t win.

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