Kyle Sandilands slaughters former PM Kevin Rudd in Handball match

Who would have thought!
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Kyle Sandilands + sporting prowess aren’t exactly words you’d usually put together.

However, the KIIS FM shock jock proved everyone wrong by winning a game of handball against former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd earlier this morning.

The bizarre tournament came about after Kyle challenged the politician and self-proclaimed Handball King to a competition.

WATCH Kevin Rudd trash talk Kyle Sandilands before Handball match:

Kevin is currently visiting schools and playing friendly games of handball in a bid to promote the National Apology Foundation for Indigenous Australians.

With the match screened on both The Kyle and Jackie O Show and Sunrise, Kyle explained to viewers: “We’ll be playing today on a wet court under a closed roof everyone.”

“How do you think you’ll go?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah fine! I got a lot of calls last night, from politicians and sporting legends… Rudd’s got no support whatsoever.”

Meanwhile, Rudd was equally as confident.

“All I say to you mate, is prepare to die,” he joked.

As the game began, it looked like Kevin was going to be true to his word – smashing Kyle by winning the first point.

However, things quickly went downhill, with Kyle quickly recovering by winning the remaining points and taking home the trophy.

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