Dancing with the Stars’ Kym Johnson Herjavec is counting the days to the arrival of her twins

“Any time now,” the ballroom dance pro reveals.
Glenn Nutley

Three years ago, professional dancer Kym Johnson thought her time on the US version of Dancing with the Stars had come to an end. “Then they called me back for the big 10th anniversary show,” she tells WHO, “and that’s when I got Robert.”

Her DWTS partner, US Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec, became her husband in 2016 and now the couple are expecting twins. “I’ve only got a couple more weeks and I could go at any time now,” says Kym.

How are you feeling as you prepare to give birth?

Yeah, I’m feeling great. I’m sort of in the home stretch. I’ve had a really great pregnancy – I’ve been really lucky. A little bit of morning sickness in the beginning, but not much at all, and I’m still really active. I’m just excited to meet them.

You’ve called it your miracle. What was it like to get the news that you were pregnant?

It was just amazing. A lot of people do struggle with being able to fall pregnant and we’d had a few attempts, so just to get the news that we were actually pregnant and that it’s all gone well has just been amazing

Have you got everything ready at home?

Well, I left it till the last minute to do the nursery. I just didn’t want to jinx anything. I’ve kept it very soft and pretty, and they’re both going to be in the same room. Obviously, they’re in a bassinet to start with in our bedroom, but it’s so nice to have the nursery done. I’ve got some Aussie animal prints up, which is nice, and a whole bunch of Australian animal books, things like that.

You have so many cultural influences, especially from Robert’s side of the family.

Well, I couldn’t find any Croatian or Canadian animals in this particular nice, watercolour print that I wanted, so he’s got some farm animals on his side. He’s got a pig – that’s kind of Croatian, I guess, and we’ve got some Canadian books and things like that, so the kids will know their heritage for sure.

It’s amazing to think that just three years ago you began your adventure with Robert on the show.

It’s amazing, yeah. I mean now it’s at the depth where it seems like a lifetime ago that we met. So much has happened. As soon as the show was over, our relationship took on a whole other level and it was like the real thing. We’ve done so much in such a short amount of time and we feel like we’ve been together forever. I just feel very lucky.

Robert has three children already, but it seems like he has some renewed energy and anticipation of the twins. Is it great to see him being able to enjoy that, too?

Yeah, I mean his kids are all grown up, so this is all kind of new to him again. He’s done this before and should know all this stuff, and he’s like, “It was a long time ago!” He’s really excited about it and he’s definitely going to be very hands-on. I can’t wait to see him with the babies.

What can your Australian fans expect from you looking forward beyond the birth?

Just, I’ll be planning trips back to Australia. I don’t think I’ll be putting dance shoes on anytime soon, but I’d love to come back and be a judge on Dancing with the Stars if it ever comes back there again. Fingers crossed, the show comes back in Australia, cause I just love being part of the show there.

Has Robert been out often here?

Yeah, he loves Australia. He came with me when I was judging the show out there and after the show, he’d by like, “Oh, you were a bit rough on that one,” or he’d give me his two cents, so that was quite funny. He thought he was an expert at dancing after he’d seen the season. And we come out every Christmas. He actually learned to surf at Bondi – we did that whole touristy thing. He loved it. We’ve been up to Hayman Island. He actually wants to go to the outback and do the full Aussie tour. Maybe we’ll do that with the babies when they’re a bit older.

To read more about Kym and her plans for her nursery and visiting Australia, pick up the latest issue of Who on newsstands today.

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