Lincoln Lewis admits depression battle after catfish hell

“I felt broken”
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Lincoln Lewis has shared his incredible body transformation after coming out the other side of a heartbreaking mental health battle.

WATCH Lincoln open up about becoming an uncle:

The former Home and Away star shared his new body with Men’s Health. And in an accompanying interview with the publication, Lincoln admitted that he was left “broken” after struggling to secure more acting work following his departure from the Network Seven soap, whilst simultaneously dealing with a lengthy catfish court battle – which saw a Melbourne woman convicted on multiple charges earlier this year after using his identity to stalk women online.

Finding himself at an all-time low, Lincoln decided to accept a 12-week challenge from the fitness magazine in a bid to get his body…and mind back on form.

“For the first time in my life I was saying to those closest to me that I felt like I was going through depression, or to put it another way, I felt broken,” the 31-year-old told the publication.

“I’d become someone who wasn’t me”.

“It had got to the point where I was finding it harder and harder to look people in the eye. I was withdrawing, and not a little bit — a lot.”

Under the supervision of celebrity trainer Jono Castano, the Aussie actor has lost a staggering 12.5kgs and 7.8 per cent body fat after completing six training sessions per week and eating 45 per cent protein, 35 per cent fat and 20 per cent carbs, as well as cutting out sugar and alcohol.

“Mentally, I feel so much clearer. The motivation, the creativity, the confidence — they’re all back. To the point where I’ve been doing the best auditions I’ve probably ever done,”

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