The Love Island Australia 2022 winners have been crowned

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Season four of Love Island Australia has officially wrapped, with one lucky couple crowned as winners.

Watch Below: Love Island Australia Season 4 – First look

Claudia and Austen were announced as the winners in a final ceremony, hosted by Sophie Monk, as voted by the Australian audience.

They’ve won $50,000, which will be split between them.

This left Mitch and Phobe and Callum and Madeline as runners-up, missing out on the prize money, but leaving in a committed relationship.

Love Island
Congrats! (Credit: Nine)

Despite the season commencing filming earlier this year, news of the winner was kept a secret from the contestants themselves – who also found out in real-time alongside fans. 

The three remaining couples were all filmed winning the season and were kept in the dark until fans voted in real-time. 

Love Island
(Credit: Nine)

Austen and Claudia winningdidn’t come as a surprise to many, with various eliminated contestants all expecting the couple to win. 

“In my book, it’s pretty clear that Claudia and Austen are going to win,” Tak shared with us after he left the villa.

“I think they’re such an amazing couple and they are who I’m rooting for personally,” dished Vakoo. 

Maddy also put her money on the fan favourites winning, telling us “Claudia and Austen 100%. They’re so genuine. Like, they’re the best couple. 

“They’ve had their ups and downs, but nothing that I think would result in them breaking up anytime soon.”

Love Island
(Credit: Nine)

Although we will have to wait a little longer to find out if Austen and Claudia are still together, fans are already trying to figure out if the couple are still going strong in the real world.

We do have a sneaking suspicion that they could still be dating, especially after a source revealed to the So Dramatic! Podcast that they spotted the pair on a date outside the Villa. 

“I found something interesting,” the source said. “Claudia and Austen are still together.”

The source spotted a telling Instagram story on Claudia’s friends’ account, which included a mystery man’s arm at the dinner table – whose tattoos matched Austen’s! 

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