What the Australian Open hotel quarantine is really like

Love Island's Vanessa Sierra and tennis boyfriend Bernard Tomic reveal all.
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As the Australian Open draws closer, many professional tennis players are finding themselves shut up for two weeks in hotel quarantine. One of those includes Bernard Tomic who is bunkering down with his Love Island girlfriend, Vanessa Sierra.

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Taking to her YouTube channel, Vanessa, 25, revealed that she and her tennis player partner, 28, had journeyed to Doha in the Middle East for the Australian Open qualifying match and had to undertake the mandatory two weeks in hotel quarantine.

However, there are some perks to being a professional tennis player.

“The point of the bubble is you’re supposed to stay in the hotel room. During the day you’re allowed out to the training site, to the gym and to nutrition, I’m not really sure,” the former Love Island star revealed in her video, but later revealed that training had been cancelled two days in a row.

“There were a couple of positive Covid cases on a couple of the planes and so that’s pretty much delayed everything.”

“All of the players who were on those planes are in a hard quarantine for two weeks – they’re not even allowed to the training site. Thankfully there’s been no one on our plane.”

Vanessa is using social media to connect with her followers from hotel quarantine. (Credit: YouTube)

Vanessa also shared some personal insights into their hotel quarantine experience including dealing with paparazzi outside their hotel window and how they’ve spent up to 12 hours a day gaming to pass the time.

But for the social media star, jokingly admitted that maintaining her luscious locks has been the worst bit of hotel quarantine.

“I don’t wash my own hair, I’ve never washed my own hair, it’s just not something I do,” Vanessa confessed.

“I normally have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me so this is the situation that we’re dealing with,” she added, showing her long hair off to the camera.

“I normally have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me so this is the situation that we’re dealing with.” (Credit: YouTube)

Seeing as tennis champ Bernard is a vegan, Vanessa revealed that they have been ordering food to be delivered to their room on top of the set meals provided.

“We’ve been spending about $200 a day on food just because we’ve got dietary requirements that are not really being fulfilled,” Vanessa said.

“I don’t really eat that much anyway so it doesn’t really bother me, I’ll just eat whatever I guess but Bernard’s training so gotta order Uber Eats and make sure this boy’s well fed.”

In one part of the clip, Vanessa filmed Bernard’s unimpressed reaction to the cold food that had been delivered as food has to be inspected before it enters the building.

Not a fan of the food! (Credit: YouTube)

Vanessa and Bernard went public with their romance in November last year after Vanessa uploaded a clip to her Instagram Stories of Bernard planting multiple kisses on his new girlfriend.

Before Bernard, Vanessa was in an on-off relationship with her ex Luke Erwin but the pair are no longer in contact.

During her time on Love Island, the season two star coupled up with Matthew Zukowski but their relationship soon soured.

“I do believe he had some feelings for me but I don’t think he was actually that genuine because if you genuinely care about someone, you’ve got their back and at the end of the day he didn’t,” she told Now To Love shortly after her elimination.

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