MAFS’ Evelyn just dished on her relationships with Justin Bieber and Andrew Tate

"I don't think I thought anything through at that time in my life"
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Married At First Sight’s intruder bride, Evelyn has spilled the dirt on her relationships with Justin Bieber and Andrew Tate

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The bride, who is currently in the experiment alongside her on-screen husband Rupert joined Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa to set the record straight after pictures emerged of the reality TV star’s past. 

“Evelyn, we gotta go back even more here because then there was a photo of you in a car with Justin Bieber. Were you two an item?,” asked Fitzy.

“No,” replied Evelyn. “Little old me with the Biebs? In my dreams!”

Explaining how she ended up in the car with the pop singer, she shared it was during her “crazy ratbag days.”

“I’m in the clubs like every single night and I think I was like 19,  Beibs and I locked eyes,” she revealed, before sharing that it was in London and Justin sent his security over to invite her back to the studio. 

“I get in the car and it was only when I was in the car… that I realised I was essentially with like, the biggest pop star in the world. It didn’t really register at the time and then I was like, holy sh*t.”

When asked about what the Canadian singer was like, she explained that she didn’t think he was very happy at the time.

“I could tell by the look in his eyes. He was kind of over life, over all the noise, over everyone around. The aura I got was just very complacent and placid.”

But Evelyn wouldn’t divulge any more details about her relationship with Justin, other than the fact that “he definitely did flirt” with her, revealing that she signed an NDA. 

However, she did reveal the backstory behind why she was photographed with controversial figure Andrew Tate, explaining that she never “hooked up” with him. 

“I knew Andrew before he was Andrew,” she shared. “So before all this…he was just old mate Andrew. I can only take him for face value and at the time he was super nice. He and Tristan always treated me with respect.”

Evelyn explained that she found the situation “weird” with Andrew and his brother Tristan, who are both currently in jail, sharing that she only knew them before they both became famous. 

She also set the record straight on where the photo came from, revealing that she was only friends with him and was in Asia when she met up with the pair. 

Evelyn is currently on MAFS with Rupert. (Credit: Nine)

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