EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight Cameron Jules and Cam open up about their homestay

SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't Cam's real home.
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In last night’s commitment ceremony Cam and Jules admitted they’re absolutely in love with each other, so their relationship has been put through a true test as Cam shows off his home to Jules.

“I’m really excited, but I’m also nervous because it could be a taste of what our life would be like outside of the experiment,” Jules said on Monday night’s episode.

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When WHO caught up with Jules we asked her what she thought of Cam’s home.

“It was a tricky one actually because his home that he owns, it’s an investment property and he Airbnbs it,” she revealed.

“So, he didn’t actually really live there really live, but it’s his home. So, it was very Airbnb so it was really beautiful, really minimal. That’s a hard question to answer. He had designed it. It was beautiful, really beautiful colours. It looks great.”

cam jules
(Credit: Channel 9)

However, she did admit that because it wasn’t helpful in regards to learning more about Cam as it’s only a temporary home.  “There was a lack of an insight into Cam because it was like a show home really. But it was actually really beautiful the way he decorated it and it’s gorgeous. That’s a bit of a hard question to answer, but it was just lovely to see his home and his environment.”

Regardless, Cam did say that he has been there for a little while.

“It’s my little local neighbourhood that I’ve been living in for so many years.”

“It was lovely,” Jules assures us though. However, ever MAFS’ most loved-up couple even had a tiff. “That’s when the battle of the North and the East started! We actually started off in the North in Kirribilli as we had convenience and storage and community and all that kind of business. Then he’s like North, but our family are North and when we have children, they’ll be here to look after. And I’m like two points for that.”

cam jules
(Credit: Channel 9)

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