MAFS Cyrell labelled a ‘bully’ over cruel post about Jessika Power

Has she gone too far this time?
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Married At First Sight’s Cyrell Paule has caused outrage with her latest Instagram tirade.

The fiery reality star launched a bitter attack on her MAFS arch nemesis Jessika Power, screenshotting an article about Jess that detailed how the 27-year-old thought the reality show had been ‘faked’ by Channel Nine.

WATCH What Jess had to say to Cyrell’s shock comments:

“Once a liar always a liar! Stand up and take responsibility for ur f****d up actions!!” Cyclone Cyrell captioned the screenshot. The hot-headed star also covered Jess’ face with the vomit emoji and rather crudely pasted an eggplant icon over a gif of Jess’ face.

Cyrell’s nasty post clearly garnered a lot of negative attention, as the celebrity wannabe attempted to further explain herself.

(Credit: Instagram)

“So I put up a post calling Jess out as a liar,” she began.

“Unlike Jess, I’m not actually calling her names I’m calling her for what she is, I still think she’s genuinely a liar.

“No one in the show put a gun to your head and said ‘you need to go crack on to Nick’.

“The girl just can’t stop speaking about me, so god forbid the one article that I decide to comment on I’m called a bully”.

Not one to remain quiet, Jessika soon chipped in with her own thoughts about Cyrell’s latest outburst in a lengthy video.

“I know I said in my Maxim interview that the show is not real, it is reality TV, meaning that situations you are put in on that show are not real life. They wouldn’t happen in real life,” she began.

“I’m not saying that they are not real, I’m not lying.”

“In no way, shape or form am I saying my actions on the show were right, they were completely unethical.”

“Putting emojis and writing horrible things all over a picture of me, it’s really just a show of your character.

“I really feel like as much as you think you’re perfect, and you think that me, Martha, Ines, that have all done things that we’ve done, are not perfect.”
“You’ve got some major self-growth to do, and I really hope you do it.”

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