Married At First Sight Ines Basic flees set after verbal attack from Cyrell Paule

She refused to come back until Cyrell left!
Channel 9

Ines Basic fled the Married At First Sight set on Sunday after her ‘affair’ with Sam Ball was exposed to the group.

Although they played down the intimacy of their secret fling, the 28-year-old appeared to fear for her safety after Cyrell Jimenez Paule verbally attacked her.


“Ines, why the f*** are you laughing? I am going to scream at you,” raged Cyrell.

Appearing shocked by the outburst, Ines left her seat and responded: “Don’t disrespect me.”

Ines couldn’t handle the interrogation. (Credit: Channel 9)

“You’ve just ruined a f***ing marriage, you crazy b**** and you’re sat there smiling while your husband is looking like a piece of s***,’ continued Cyrell as Ines abruptly left the set.

Cyrell was NOT happy with Ines. (Credit: Channel 9)

Turning her attention to Bronson Norrish, Cyrell added: “I feel so sorry for you, you deserve better than that and [Elizabeth] you deserve better than that.”

Cyrell then raged at Sam Ball, screaming: “F*** off! The world doesn’t revolve around you… settle the f*** down.”

The experts later revealed that Ines had agreed to return to set providing Cyrell is not present.

“That’s disgusting,” said Ines of Cyrell’s outburst as she later returned.

“Why is she screaming at me? I’m not into it.”

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