Jess and Dan Sneak Off To Make Out During MAFS Dinner Party

Their respective spouses were oblivious.

She’s been tiffing with her Married At First Sight husband Mick for days and it appears that Jess has already moved on with Dan.

During Wednesday’s dinner party, Jess and Dan snuck off to chat privately – taking their affair to the next level.

As soon as they were alone, Dan said: “Get close to me babe, what are you doing!”

He then asked Jess where she was at with everything.

“Mick is very fed up with the situation and I’m unhappy with Mick,” she said.

“I have been for a while and I came here for love. I came here to find somebody that I could genuinely connect with.”

mafs dan and jess
(Credit: Channel Nine)

From there, she didn’t hold back.

“You’re a very good looking guy and I can’t just walk away knowing there could potentially be something there with yourself.”

mafs jess
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“If you didn’t come into this, I would’ve happily walked away.”

Dan responded saying, “What if I turned you down right now, would you leave tomorrow?”

To which Jess responded, “Yeah I would leave.”

Dan revealed he was having issues with wife Tamara too, saying it was often like “talking to a brick wall.”

mafs dan
(Credit: Channel Nine)

He continued, “Sometimes you’ve just got to go with your gut. I’m a big believer in that.”

The pair then engaged in a steamy hookup.

mafs jess and dan kiss
(Credit: Channel Nine)

But will their affair be a secret for much longer?

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