MAFS Jules ‘jealous’ of Cam’s relationship with his mum

Jules is worried Cam is a mummy's boy

They’re season’s most stable couple, but Married At First Sight’s Jules and Cameron may have hit the first bump in their relationship.

Continuing their romance outside the show, sources say Jules is said to have grown ‘jealous’ of Cameron’s bond with his mother, Margaret.

‘She’s wanting him to distance himself from his mum and make her the number one female in his life,’ an insider tells Daily Mail Australia.

‘Jules is such an independent and confident woman, she found the fact Cam was so close to his mum is really unattractive.

(Credit: Facebook)

‘It’s not what she wanted in a husband – she didn’t want a “mummy’s boy”‘. 

It’s believed that Cameron later confided in his mother about Jules’s frustrations, prompting a rift between the women, who ‘no longer speak’ now. 

Cameron’s mother Margaret is also said to have expressed her disapproval for Jules, after first seeing her walk down the aisle at their wedding. 

‘Marg winced when she first saw Jules,’ adds the insider. 

‘There was a lot of talk that she was telling friends how Jules was not like any girl Cam had gone out with before – completely different in looks and personality.

‘She didn’t think it would last, even though she wants the best for him.’ 

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