MAFS Mike: Why I broke up with Heidi

He's finally admitting they're no longer together
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He’s been denying the rumours for weeks, but Married At First Sight’s Mike has FINALLY confessed to what we all already knew…he and Heidi broke up months ago.

During Sunday night’s reunion dinner, the couple arrived solo and avoided each other for the whole dinner party, choosing to avoid the topic of their split.

But now Mike, 44, has revealed what really went down between the unlucky-in-love reality stars.

Speaking to Goulburn Valley’s Hit96.9 Josiah & Elly, Mike described his current relationship with Heidi as “Frosty, unfortunately”.

 “We don’t have a lot to say to each other anymore. It’s really sad.”

 “We just don’t seem to care for one another like we should,” Mike told the radio duo.

“We’ve just put each other through the ringer. We’ve hurt one another unnecessarily. It was exhausting and it was more difficult than it should have been. I don’t think that we particularly supported one another the way that we should have.

“I don’t know what she’s telling the world, we’re just two different people. Just fights over silly stuff and I just couldn’t win her over. At that point. I don’t want to make criticisms; I don’t want to point fingers but I’m just gonna have to say I guess it was both of us.”

Despite Heidi moving to the Gold Coast to live with in, Mike says their relationship broke down in a matter of weeks.

“She was living between my place and her friend’s place,” he said. “We wanted to gently kind of move in together and that suited us both at that point.”

In the interview Mike said he’s single at the moment and has no interest in dating.

“I’m just gonna lick my wounds for a bit,” he said. “I just need to regroup and be me for a bit.”

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