Married At First Sight’s Tamara questions Dan over his flirty ways with Jessika

Are the newlyweds in trouble already?

Tamara Joy and Dan Webb have only been on Married At First Sight for a week, but they’ve already faced their first big hurdle – all thanks to Jessika Power.

At their first dinner party, Jessika made a beeline for Dan after being rejected by Nick and was flirtatious with him all evening. Dan’s wife Tamara, naturally, was NOT impressed. 

Dan gets flirty with Jessika
(Credit: Channel 9)

The next morning, as they moved in to their swish new MAFS apartment together, Tamara took the opportunity to grill Dan on the events of the dinner party. 

‘Was she flirting with you? Be honest,’ Tamara asked. 

‘I think maybe she was flirting with me a bit,’ Dan admitted. To the camera – and not Tamara – he added, ‘Jess was actually rubbing my leg up and down under the table for a bit.’

Tamara grills Dan on the MAFS dinner party
(Credit: Channel 9)

Dan said he was enjoying his chat with Jessica, but that he was mainly flirting with her ‘just to see Tam’s reaction’.

When Tamara confessed to feeling very territorial, Dan replied, ‘It’s good.’

WATCH: Tamara tells Jessika to back off her husband

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‘Seeing Tam a bit jealous from last night was a bit of a turn on,’ Dan admitted. ‘I liked it, I’m not gonna lie.’

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