Married At First Sight’s Carly Bowyer reveals Troy is her type of guy

"We definitely bonded."
Instagram/Channel 9

Last month, some VERY intimate pictures of Married At First Sight’s Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmedge leaked – and now the marketing manager has confirmed the quirky groom is her more type.

Carly and Justin. (Credit: Channel 9)

Despite being paired with Justin Fisher, the 32-year-old bride revealed to TV Week that ‘physically’ Troy is hr ‘type’.

“I do go for that preppy, private school-looking guy and Justin and I had a conversation about that,” she told the publication.

“We definitely bonded at the dinner parties, we seemed to be the ones in the relationships putting in a lot more than we were getting.” 

Carly added: “I think we both sympathised with each other a lot more about that.”

While exclusively speaking to WHO, Troy, who was originally paired with Ashely Irvin, admitted he thinks his connection with Carly was “definitely” there.

“I don’t think too many other couples had it as lopsided as we did … I gravitated towards the few people who were sympathetic,” he added.

Now, let’s just see how long it will be until they confirm their relationship.

Stay tuned!

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