Someone leaked this MAFS star’s email… And oh boy!

Riddled with spelling mistakes and begging for a freebie - this is unbelievable
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Perhaps one of the biggest perks about starring on Married At First Sight – besides potentially finding the love of your life – is the freebies.

Seductive or cringeworthy? Tamara Joy just shared this raunchy bedtime selfie…

But former MAFS stars Tamara Joy and Samuel Levi are facing embarrassment after their cringeworthy email – full of spelling and grammatical errors – begging for a #sponsored holiday was leaked.

The Daily Telegraph has exposed the email, which appears to be sent from MAFS New Zealand star, Samuel’s agency ‘SL Media Co’.

(Credit: Instagram)

“I would like to be in touch on behalf of TV Personality’s Samuel Levi & Tamara Joy,” the email begins.

The publication states that amongst other basic errors, the person sending the email incorrectly uses there/their several times, spells Australasia “Australisia” and even misspells an Instagram influencers favourite word, collaborate.

The leaked email (Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

The email also grossly embellishes the reality TV duo’s social media following, stating Tamara and Samuel have a combine reach of “more than 250,000. Currently, Tamara has 171k on Instagram and Samuel has 54k.

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