Married At First Sight’s Tamara Joy sets record straight about romance with Rhyce Power

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They’ve been teasing fans with rumours of a romance for weeks, but Married At First Sight’s Tamara Joy has finally spilled the details on her hot new ‘relationship’ with co-star Jessika Power’s brother, Rhyce.

WATCH Tamara and Rhyce get VERY cosy in bed together:

The brunette beauty took some time out during her current luxury trip to Bali to answer some fan questions via Instagram.

And in a move that will surprise no-one, Tamara revealed that despite their Insta-flirting, the reality pair are merely friends.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Okay, It’s time for me to clear this up, nothing happened,” the 30-year-old spilled.

“Rhyce and I are friends. We have always been friends and we still are friends.”

Last month, Tamara and Rhyce whipped fans into a frenzy after sharing a series of loved-up photos and videos to Instagram.

“No, we are not a couple,” the tattooed hunk said during a Q&A with fans at the time. “We’re both single. We’re friends hanging out with each other in bed, watching movies.”

Rhyce’s sister, and Tamara’s arch-nemesis, Jessika also weighed in on the controversial romance.

“A lot of people want me to comment on this,” said the outspoken MAFS star who cheated on her ‘husband’ Mick Gould with Tamara’s on-screen, Dan Webb.

“My brother isn’t always the smartest but I trust his judgement and I don’t have any hate towards Tamara. They are two grown adults eating dinner. Move forward, guys, there is way more going on than some fake hate on a “reality” show.”

And while there may be no possible future between Tamara and Rhyce, it appears as though the brunette star has finally ended her feud with Jessika.

“It’s been a long road with loads of bullshit and 2 failed marriages…. but if we had of been able to hang out on #mafs we prob would have left our husbands for each other Hahahaha,” she captioned an Insta pic of the pair on Sunday.

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