Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power lies to Mick and and continues to date Daniel Webb

This is just savage.
mickChannel 9

On Sunday night’s episode viewers witnessed Jessika Power openly admit to leading on Mick in an attempt to keep her relationship with Daniel Webb going.

Mick wrote his answer before the ceremony even began! (Credit: Channel 9)

While it’s obvious Mick has NO intention of staying after this commitment ceremony, Jessika admits: “I haven’t felt this way about a man in years.” Referring to Daniel of course, not her ACTUAL husband.

But that’s not the only thing she said. “I’ve been completely swept off my feet by Dan, I need to stay in the experiment to get to know Dan.”

Despite admitting that she hasn’t “felt this giddy about a man in years,” Jess confesses to the camera that what she is doing is “such a deception.” 

dan jessika
Jess is VERY serious about her new romance with Dan. (Credit: Channel 9)

Meanwhile, it looks like Dan isn’t too fussed about Jessika. Sure, he is keen to hook up with her on the sly, but there is no massive declaration from the single father.

“I’ve formed such a great connection form this experience but it’s behind people’s backs,” Jess goes on. 

“I feel like I’m staying for selfish reasons, but it’s the chance to explore the feelings we have for one another.”

Wow. Let’s hope she doesn’t get heartbroken by Dan, because this is about to get MESSY.

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