Married At First Sight’s Mick lashes out at Jessika Power after she chooses to stay on the show

He is NOT happy!
Channel 9

Just when you thought things COULDN’T get worse on MAFS, Mick completely lashes out when his wife Jessika Power opts to stay at Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

Mick is set on leaving the show for good. (Credit: Channel 9)

Jess opens up about the difficult week she’s had with Mick, and even reveals he went as far as calling her father a drunk and was “disrespectful” to her friends and family. However, DESPITE this, she still wants to stay in the game, in a bid to continue her relationship with Daniel Webb.

The minute she says stay, Mick erupts. “You love flogging a dead horse, don’t ya?”

She tries to calm the farmer’s, well farm… by saying: “Don’t be so upset, it’ll be fun!”

But before he can rebut, impartial sounding board Jules steps in and says: “It doesn’t add up… it’s not fair. I don’t understand.” As it’s blatantly obvious Jess is in the game to stay with her illicit partner.

Trying to sound as earnest as possible, Jess confessed: “It might look like inconsistency but I am here to find love.”

dan jessika
The night before Jess was openly hooking up with another man. (Credit: Channel 9)

At this stage, Mick will not have a bit of it and even calls out Jess by blurting out: “Pigs arse!”

Jess tries to fumble around and explain her side of the story, but Mick is about two seconds away from giving himself a hernia.

“You’re full of shit!” he says. 

“I’ve got to put up with another week of rubbish… if she was true to herself, she wouldn’t let this happen.”

As a result, we all get to watch this sh**-fight continue! BRING ON TOMORROW!

(Credit: Channel 9)

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