MAFS Tamara’s hell over vile attacks

Internet trolls have made disgusting comments about her late mother and issued death threats
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Married At First Sight star Tamara Joy has revealed the extent of the horrifying hate mail she has received since being thrust into the public eye.

In an emotional Instagram post, the 29-year-old described the offensive messages and death threats as ‘disgusting’ and said ‘I will not stand for this behaviour’.

In her first post, she wrote: ‘Okay…This is not okay! Yes I may have put myself and my life on television for you all to see.

(Credit: Instagram)

‘I totally get that everyone has an opinion and yes you are entitled to that! You may or may not like me, and that is completely fine. 

‘Please people think about what you say, because you may be that one hater that breaks a person completely. mental healthy is not a joke!

‘I will not stand for this behaviour, it is absolutely disgusting!’

Continuing in a second post, the reality star shared a particularly nasty exchange between herself and an internet troll who had told her to ‘go and kill yourself s**t.’ 

The troll wrote: ‘Who the f*** wants to be you, your’e an ugly mole. No wonder you’re mother passed, she couldn’t stand to raise you so had no choice but to leave this world.

(Credit: Instagram)

‘F*** off mole go kill yourself’.

Tamara replied: ‘You are what’s wrong with society.’ 

The conversation escalated with the online hater replying:  ‘No you are, you don’t belong in this world, you’re trash, go back to where you belong you trashy b****.

‘I don’t know how your family put up with your whiny voice let alone your fowl face. No wonder Dan went and screwed behind your back lol.’ 

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