WATCH: This MasterChef elimination will break your heart


MasterChef has farewelled fan favourite Steph De Sousa.

The mother-of-four broke down in tears as she discussed her time on the show. 

                               WATCH STEPH’S HEARTBREAKING FARWELL HERE!

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“I feel like for the first time in my 46 years that I have truly been myself” said a heartbroken Steph, who was eliminated following Kate Reid’s croissant challenge. 

She added: “I’m happy that everyone knows who the true Steph is”.

Fellow contestant Ben Trobbiani quickly took to Twitter to discuss his devastation.

“No words for how sad I am to say goodbye to this amazing woman,” read the tweet.

“I owe turning around my cooking and confidence in the comp to @Stephdesousaau. You are such a loving woman and have such a passion for food that will take you far. I’ll miss you so much house mum.”

Fans were also quick to voice their devastation.

“OMG! The passion, the laughter, the joy – every time she cooks. I was seriously rooting for her to go a long way,” wrote one fan. 

“My tearsss,” wrote another. 

Steph was sent home following a pressure test alongside cooks Derek Lau and Simon Toohey.

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