The ultimate guide to Matilda-Djerf-inspired hair

Your step-by-step guide to the perfect blowout
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Even if you haven’t heard of Matilda Djerf, odds are you have come across photos of her glossy hair on Pinterest, Tik Tok or Instagram. 

Watch Below: Matilda Djerf Hair Routine | Dyson Airwrap

The Swedish influencer is commonly known for two things: her incredible fashion label, Djerf Avenue and her near-perfect locks. 

Like many other Scandi-influencers, Matilda knows how to rock a blowout and how to style her bangs perfectly. 

Whether her hair’s in an updo or effortlessly tousled, her locks are the source of inspiration for thousands of fans around the world and we now know how to achieve the look. 

Whilst she has been known to achieve her big, bouncy blowouts with the help of a Dyson Airwrap, she’s also been known to use products from the Australian brand, Mermade Hair to achieve her signature look. 

How to get Matilda Djerf’s hair

The prep

Prepping your hair is one of – if not the most important part of this style. Try a volumising shampoo and conditioner like these to create the perfect base for longer-lasting waves, dreamy curls and big blowouts. 

Matilda also preps her hair with the Mermade Mist, a thermal heat spray that will protect your hair from heat styling and create the perfect shine.

The Styling 

For the perfect Matilda-inspired blow out we recommend Mermade Hair’s Blow Dry Brush which simultaneously drys and styles hair while minimising frizz and flyaways. 

You can also use a Dyson Airwrap, or a trusty blowdryer – just make sure you have some velcro rollers on hand for the perfect bounce. 

Matilda Djerf
(Credit: Instagram)

The Bangs 

Arguably the most important part! After applying heat, use a velcro roller to roll inwards towards the roots so the roller sits horizontally.  Once your hair has completely cooled, add some drops of hair serum to your hands and run through your bangs from roots to end, focusing on that effortless flick at the end!

Matilda Djerf
(Credit: Instagram)

The Wave

If you’re not in the mood for a blowout, you can still get some serious hair inspo from Matilda. She’s known to use the Mermade Hair Pro Waver for a more wavy look. 

Watch Below: Matilda Djerf Hair Routine | Mermade Hair

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