McDonald’s burgers and nuggets to be served all day long

Yes, that means you can order a Big Mac for breakfast.

If you have every rolled up to the McDonald’s drive-thru at breakfast time after a big night out craving McNuggets or a Cheeseburger but they weren’t available, well you’re now in luck.

McDonald’s Australia have announced that from today, the All Day Menu which includes French Fries, McNuggets, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder and a Cheese Burger, will be served at all times of the day in restaurants across the country.

After a trial earlier this year, McDonald’s Australia have decided to take it nationwide, meaning you can swap out hotcakes for fries or a bacon and egg roll for a burger.

The All Day Menu will be available in-restaurant, as well as via drive-thru and McDelivery. For more information, visit

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