Moana Hope pens touching tribute to wife Isabella Carlstrom after the birth of their daughter

We're not crying, you are.
Anyone who’s witnessed the incredible feat of watching their loved one give birth will be able to tell you just how awe-inspiring it can be.
And now, just days after AFL player Moana Hope and her model wife Isabella Carlstrom welcomed their daughter, Svea Hope Carlstrom, on November 16, the Survivor star has taken to Instagram to pen a heartfelt note to her partner.
“I’ve been in love with this woman since the day I met her. My love for her is one that I didn’t think could get any stronger, and then you gave birth to our child. First, let me tell you giving birth is the most amazing, and most beautiful thing a human can do,” Moana began.

“It’s also the most exhausting, painful and scariest thing a human can do. Mostly scary for me watching the love of my life in pain and feeling helpless. Watching her push through 14 hours of labour was the hardest yet most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen.”

“She made me feel like I could do anything, yet she was the one giving birth. Giving birth is not looked at or appreciated the way it should be. Women who give birth should be looked at like superheroes.”
Isabella gave birth to daughter Svea on November 16. (Credit: Instagram)
Moana went on to reveal that her wife had a natural birth with no pain relief.

“Bell was our superhero, she did so amazing and I’m beyond proud of her. She wanted to attempt a natural birth (no pain relief) and she did it. @isabellasofiacarlstrom you are a rockstar, and Svea already has such a strong, beautiful and resilient Mumma to look up to.”

“Thank you for bringing our Queen into this world. How the heck do you look this beautiful after giving birth. 😍 I would look a mess if I did what you did. I love you forever. Both of you. 💕💕 #mywife #myhero #ourfamily #svea #warrior.”
Svea is a Swedish name which means powerful female warrior. (Credit: Instagram)
While the new Melbourne-based parents enjoy the baby bubble, there is also another important member waiting to meet Svea – Moana’s sister Vinnie, who has a rare condition called Moebius Syndrome.

On Thursday night, the AFL star explained Vinnie wasn’t allowed to come and visit them in hospital due to COVID restrictions but would meet her niece, who she is calling her baby sister, on the weekend.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to record her little her reaction. But super cute, Vinnie is referring to this one as her sister, not as her auntie. This is Vinnie’s little family! So she’s calling her her little sister, which is so beautiful,” Moana, who is the primary carer of the 26-year-old, explained.
Brb, crying over this cuteness! Vinnie’s card for Svea. (Credit: Instagram)
“She’s already drawn Svea a card at school and it’s so, so cute! I’m excited for her to meet them.”

After tying the knot in November 2019, the couple began planning for a family and announced they were expecting their first child together in May.

Moana revealed she and Isabella had undergone IVF to fall pregnant and Isabella would be carrying the baby.
This article originally appeared on Now To Love.

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