5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Flowers and Chocolates

For the cool mum, not the regular mum

Mums love flowers and chocolates at any time of the year. But what if you could actually surprise your mum on Mother’s Day with something less traditional that will make her life that little bit easier? Something she can use almost every day. Something different. Don’t let Mother’s Day be boring. Lock in your ‘favourite child’ status once and for all with these high-tech options that will genuinely make her day.

Woman wearing headphones

The ears have it

No, not another pair of earrings she’ll put in a drawer. Whether she’s out walking or spending that precious half an hour at the end of a long day catching up on her favourite TV show, having the perfect set of headphones could be a godsend for your mum. Choose a pair just for her, one she doesn’t have to share with anyone else and can rely on to be exactly where she left them the night before.

With so many in-ear, over-ear or on-ear headphones on the market, there’s a world of choice. The latest technology means she can block out any outside noise if she wants to and get hours and hours of battery life if she needs it. Today’s headphones are tough, look great and don’t need to be wired for great sound quality.

Mum and baby with tablet

Organising on the go

What do you get for the mum who does everything? Something to help her manage her day, keep track of upcoming events and stay connected wherever she is. Not only can a tablet help her keep track of the million things she does, it’s also a great way to stay in touch. Whether it’s checking emails, posting on Facebook or keeping track of next week’s activities, a big-brand tablet puts it all in the one spot. And, being able to use it for her favourite streaming apps is an added bonus.

On the right track

If your mum is into fitness, you can’t really go past an activity tracker. Today’s fitness wearables are designed to be flexible enough to wear at work, on the track or out to dinner, helping your mum keep tabs on her daily goals. She doesn’t have to be a pro athlete to get the benefits from an activity tracker, and it can also double as a great way to keep tabs on phone activity or social media without having to check them all day. Today’s activity trackers are stylish, great value and full of easy-to-use technology.

Get smart

 Taking the first step in connecting your home doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can help your whole family to do it. Start with a Connected Home smart speaker from one of the big brands – Google, Amazon or Apple – and watch how much fun it is for the whole tribe to use. Even the ability to ask your smart speaker simple questions about the weather, news or your schedule can stop you having to pester your mum about it. And, when she wants to connect the rest of her home in the future, she’ll have you to thank for it.

Family watching movies together

Her fave shows and movies

Finding your mum’s favourite movies or TV shows might not be as easy as searching a streaming app. But it can be as easy as searching through a huge Blu-Ray and DVD collection. All the oldies and the goodies are there, as are the boxsets of all the classics. On top of that, you’ll find the latest shows and movies from around the world. All she needs now is some popcorn and time to reflect on how lucky she is to have you!

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