What will the weather be on New Year’s Eve in Australia?

Planning to wear a pair of strappy heels? Think again, Brisbane friends.
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When it comes to planning out the perfect New Year’s Eve there are a few things you’ll need. A prime location, bottle of bubbly, cute outfit and a reliable weather app. After all, nothing ruins a cute NYE outfit faster than an unexpected downpour.

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Whilst we’ve got you covered when it comes to New Year’s Eve outfit inspiration, there’s no point in dressing it up big-time like Lenny Kravitz in a shiny gold two-piece unless it matches the weather.

So, what can you expect on December 31, 2023? Let’s see.

Weather predictions aren’t always accurate (actually, they’re kind of notorious for being wrong) but we can do our best. Here’s what is currently in store for the major cities of Australia this New Year’s Eve.

lenny kravitz gold suit
Will you be channeling Lenny Kravitz on NYE? (Credit: Getty Images)


Courtesy of our recent bestie La Niña, powerful winds, storms and rain have been ruling the day for much of the East Coast. It hasn’t been much different in the lead-up to December 31, and unfortunately, it appears that our recent run of clear summer days is over for the remainder of the year. 

On New Year’s Eve, AccuWeather is predicting a rain-filled end to 2023 with temperatures currently predicted to sit around 27 degrees with a 60% chance of rain during the countdown to midnight. 

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Good news! Just kidding, sorry. But what would a Brisbane summer be without a wild storm or two? When we say there will be a lot of rain, we mean it.

AccuWeather is currently predicting a 75% chance of rain with a 45% chance of thunderstorms throughout the final day of the year.

However, the temperatures are expected to hit up to 29 degrees, with humidity making the air temperature feel closer to 35 degrees, which means you better stock up on sunscreen if you’re out and about (in fact, let’s just make it a rule of thumb for everyone to wear sunscreen all summer long. Thank you).

Check the latest weather predictions for New Year’s Eve in Brisbane.


Canberra, you’re also looking good – but watch out for cloud cover. AccuWeather is predicting a sunny day followed by a cloudy evening on New Year’s Eve, with a similar day to follow on January 1.

They’re currently predicting a high of 27 degrees and a low of 12 degrees, so opt for a transitional outfit.

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new years eve weather 2021
We recommend the East Coast squad channel Drew Barrymore in her trousers for NYE. (Credit: Getty Images)


Melbourne hotties, unite! You’ll be dry and toasty this New Year’s Eve if all goes according to plan. Or, hopefully, indoors with some air conditioning. 

Break out the cute strappy sandals and a breezy dress because AccuWeather is predicting a warm December 31, with temperatures forecasted with a top of 26 degrees.

While there’s no rain on the cards yet, it does look like there will be a fair amount of cloud cover, so bring a jacket just in case.

Check the latest weather predictions for New Year’s Eve in Melbourne.


Well, Adelaide. Looks like you’ll also be hitting higher temps this NYE.

Adelaide folks can expect a warm start to 2024, with the temperatures set to peak at 28 degrees on New Year’s Eve before dropping to 15 degrees later in the evening. 

As for the sun, AccuWeather literally says you can expect a “partly sunny day’,” but still make sure you drink plenty of water and be sun-safe throughout the day.

Check the latest weather predictions for New Year’s Eve in Adelaide.

paris hiton
Our South Australian besties might be the only ones pulling a Paris Hilton on December 31. (Credit: Getty Images)


Sadly for Tasmanians hoping to spend their New Year’s Eve out and about, the weather is currently forecasted as 21 degrees and raining throughout most of the day before dropping to 12 degrees at night with 80% cloud cover. 

With gusts of wind up to 40 km/hr expected and a lower temp in the evening, it’s a good idea to bring a little jacket or sweater for your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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To our lack of surprise, Perth is in for a hot one on NYE, with the UV index currently sitting on extreme.

AccuWeather says it’s going to be sunny and dry in Perth for New Year’s Eve with the temperature currently forecasted as 28 degrees and sunny throughout the day. 

It’s anticipated to be a windy night ahead of the midnight fireworks, with wind gusts of up to 50 km/hr and temperatures of 16 degrees forecasted later in the evening. 

Check the latest weather predictions for New Year’s Eve in Perth.


And we’re ending on a bit of gloom, with another major city expecting hot and rainy conditions for New Year’s Eve. AccuWeather is currently predicting that thunderstorms will rule the day in Darwin, with daytime temperatures forecast to sit around 34 degrees.

This coupled with the humidity will bring the feel of the air temperature to over 40 degrees, so we’re recommending partying indoors, in air-conditioning, and drinking a lot of water. 

Check the latest weather predictions for New Year’s Eve in Darwin.

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