OPINION: I went to Married At First Sight Wedding and here’s what really happened

No bull sh*t here.

Here’s the thing, I LOVE weddings. I have attended more than 30 in my time, 20 of which were my first cousins who found their true love. So when I was invited to attend a  MAFS wedding, I couldn’t help but leap at the chance to see all the action firsthand.

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But in October 2018, I rocked up to witness two complete strangers tie the knot and as expected it was beyond a delight.

Here’s everything the cameras DIDN’T pick up!

Cyrell’s mum thinks Nic’s the real deal

In between the exchanging of vows and the official ceremony (which included a delish dinner by the way), I visited the ladies room and while waiting to go to the loo I had a good chinwag with teh bride’s mother who said: “I hope he’s the right one. He seems nice.” 

Ivan drama was real

The heated exchange between Ivan and his sister must have happened as her brother was walking around with some serious attitude throughout the day.   

(Credit: Channel 9)
Yeah, as I said – her brother was no impressed.

No music is played at all during the ceremony

 This was probably the most awkward part. But to be honest, it was a delight to actually hear people at a ceremony without any tacky tunes.

They have to do a few takes

Poor Cyrell, she had to walk down that aisle with her father more than once. The first time, the whole crowd – which was filled with Nic and Cyrell’s guests, collectively took a breath and cheered upon her entrance.

All in all, it was one hell of an experience. Here’s to finding out if they actually stay together!

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