Nick Cummins 100% did not like “soul-destroying” Bachelor

The Honey Badger wants to bury that experience deep into his past.
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Nick Cummins has done very little to hide the fact that he didn’t enjoy his time on The Bachelor Australia.

The “lovable Aussie Larrikin” has lost many followers after he decided to pick no one in the nail-biting finale.

And now he’s said in no uncertain terms – The Bachelor Australia was not rosy.

He’s seems to be doing just fine, watch Honey reunite with his exes Brittany and Cass for the first time since the show, in the video below!

It’s been two months since the shock series ended, but Honey Badger is still scarred.

Chatting to Hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt, promoting his book The Honey Badger’s Guide To Life, Nick discusses the chapter: “The Badger vs. The Bachelor”.

“It shows … we do have two worlds that we live in, and sometimes we’re … I’ve got to be careful here … we’re forced to be something where we’re not fully ourselves,” Cummins explained of the show.

“Even though you do your best, you kick and scream to do that. [It was] me towing the line, which is never something you want to do — you want to be 100% honest.

“I’m a pretty outgoing, rip into it, have a crack (person). But then you’ve got The Bachelor and this world, where sometimes you’ve got to alter your normal behaviours to fit into a genre.

“That can be soul-destroying. (The chapter) is a little indication of what it does to you, and how you can stop it from happening.”

“Sometimes you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything,” he continued.

In the book, he reflects, “After seeing how this crazy TV world all comes together and how it presents as it wants … after being basted and roasted, my understanding of that world is deeper and better than if I had sat on the sidelines and not got involved.”  

“I don’t have any regrets. I’ve hopefully come to raise the vibrations of the earth a bit, especially for blokes out there, and if I’ve done that, I’m happy.

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