Nick Cummins leaves the country ahead of ‘Bachelor’ finale

Off to the Kokoda Trail.
Network 10

Nick Cummins has jetted out of Australia just days before The Bachelor Australia finale airs on TV.

The rugby star has flown to Papa New Guinea to walk the Kokoda Trail.

The Daily Telegraph confirmed the news, sharing a snapshot of Honey Badger holding onto a book as he makes his way to the iconic walk. They revealed he’d be back on October 11, to promote his new book The Honey Badger Guide To Life.

The Bachelor backed up the news with an Instagram story, showing him jet away from the country. 

Nick Cummins/Instagram
(Credit: Nick Cummins/Instagram)

Cummins’ decision to be in a country with limitied phone and internet access is very telling.

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Following the Bachelor finale, it is usually a loved-filled campaign of the winner’s romance. Fans are left speculating that we won’t receive a winner’s message this year and that we maybe slated with our second Blake Garvey situation.

Many have speculated that Brittany is the winner of The Bachelor Australia but a recent report from New Idea suggests Nick wasn’t happy with that decision.

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“Nick has really struggled emotionally since the show ended,” says a friend.

“He didn’t expect things to end that way and wasn’t really prepared to have feelings for more than one person at a time.”

The publication claim that the Honey Badger has turned to fourth runner up Cass Wood.

She initially had reservations in opening her heart once again to the man who dumped her on national television, after hours of soul searching Cass has decided to give him a second chance.

“She understands why he did what he did,” says a friend. “Of course it’s not an ideal way to start a new relationship, but in all honestly she believes in fate and thinks this whole thing will just make them stronger.”

Bachelor Finals week kicks off on Wednesday at 7:30pm on Network Ten.

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