Sam Frost shares her heartbreak with fans

"I was deeply affected by it and can’t think about it without crying tbh."
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For as long as she’s been in the public eye, Sam Frost has been a champion of mental health and kindness. But now the Home and Away star has confessed to fans and followers that someone she grew up with has broken her heart by making some “really nasty comments.” 

WATCH BELOW: Sam Frost opens up about being in a ‘toxic relationship’

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the Summer Bay starlet shared a stunning professional photograph of her friend and stylist, Deni Todorovic.

“Why using the correct pronouns matters,” her caption began.

“Yesterday I saw an IG story from a person I grew up with, writing some really nasty comments about pronouns and non-binary gender identity. It completely broke my heart, I was deeply affected by it and can’t think about it without crying tbh.”

Sam added: “It’s important to use correct pronouns, because firstly, it’s basic respect. Secondly, because it means every single person walking around this earth feels seen, understood, included and valued. Why should anyone have to hide or feel shamed for who they are?? We are all equals. We all deserve to feel loved, to feel kindness, to be accepted.. exactly the way we are.”

The former Bachelorette finished her post by writing: “To all my beautiful L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ friends, I love you. I see you. I will always support you. And I promise I’ll do my very best to continue to learn, grow and educate myself, and others around me.. so you always feel safe, loved & included. Keep shining your light so bright.”

She then credited Deni’s photo, calling them “one of the best humans, my dear friend.”

sam frost
“To all my beautiful L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ friends, I love you. I see you. I will always support you.” (Credit: Instagram)

Sam’s fans were moved by her post and thanked her for her kind, wise words.

“As a nonbinary person, I very much appreciate this. Thank you,” one commented.

“Beautiful 100% agree with this! No one should be judged for who they are. Love who you want to love and be who you want to be,” remarked another.

Deni also commented: “Love you so damn much @fro01 thankyou for raising awareness about something so incredibly important,” to which Sam simply replied, “It’s the very least I can do my love.” 

Deni dressed Sam for her very first Logie Awards in 2018. (Credit: Instagram)

Deni previously styled Sam for the 2018 and 2019 TV WEEK Logie Awards and referred to her as “my beautiful soul sis.”

The Melbourne-based stylist is the fashionista behind her 2018 shimmering Leah da Gloria frock and her striking white tuxedo dress that she donned for the 2019 awards.

“Working with Sam never feels like work,” Deni wrote on Instagram in a reflective post when the 2020 Logies was scheduled to take place.

“This effortless beauty is a rare gem in that she’s the definition of a true collaborator. We exchange our mood, the feeling, the vibe and then Fro so beautifully trusts the creative process.”

Are Sam and her ex Dave Bashford back together? (Credit: Instagram)

Sam recently made headlines when she sparked rumours that she and ex boyfriend Dave Bashford were back together.

The Home and Away star shared footage of their cute catch-ups to Instagram – in one they took their dog Greg to the beach for a swim and in another they, along with Dave’s brother Chris, enjoyed a walk around Sydney.

“Dave’s amazing person and that’s never going to change,” Sam previously told TV WEEK of her ex.

“It wasn’t an ugly or messy break-up. It was just two people who love each other dearly as friends, and we promised to look after each other.”

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