Sam Wood announces he’ll include recipes from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar on the 28 by Sam Wood program

Exciting news for 28-ers!
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Sam Wood has seen the success of his business and the incredible weight loss of thousands of Australians on his program 28 By Sam Wood and now he’s added some incredible recipes by Sarah Wilson’s popular diet program, I Quit Sugar.

In an official statement, the 38-year-old personal trainer said:  “We have long admired Sarah as an innovator, fighting the good fight in a quest to help people lead healthier lives. We are proud to share her vision and ‘just eat real food’ approach to nutrition and strongly believe that the acquisition of these recipes will enable our program to continue to improve the lives of thousands worldwide.”

Before announcing, “As of today, hundreds of IQS recipes will be available to all members of the 28 program and we will continue to integrate the recipes over the coming weeks. Recipes and content that were freely available through I Quit Sugar will remain free available on our blog. The remaining recipes that formed part of Sarah’s program will then be integrated into the already comprehensive offering of 28.”

That’s pretty much two-for-the-price-of-one!

Are you a 28-er? Or have you tried I Quit Sugar? Let us know what you think of this new addition on Facebook.

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