The Sex Education announcement we’ve been waiting for is here!

Season four!
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We’re still on a high after watching Sex Education’s third season, and now it’s been officially confirmed that the series will return for a fourth season.

WATCH BELOW: Netflix announces Sex Education is returning for season four

In true Netflix fashion, Sex Education season four was announced via Instagram with a little video (which you can see above) and a caption that said:

“Ready for more #SexEducation? The show has officially been renewed for Season 4! #TUDUM.”

Yes Netflix, we are absolutely ready – so don’t keep us waiting for too long!

We’re getting a fourth season! (Credit: Netflix)

Sex Education season three spoilers ahead!

The announcement was only made over the weekend, so what we know is limited, but with the whirlwind that was season three, there are a few things that we can expect to play out in season four.

First being Maeve and Otis’ relationship, which ended on a brutal cliffhanger after she told him she was leaving for the United States as part of a study program – after they just made their relationship official.

We also saw Eric and Adam break up, Jean giving birth to a baby girl, and most importantly, the fact that Moordale High has no funding anymore, which could see it all shut down and the students moving to a different school entirely.

As for who we can expect to see again, it’s safe to assume that the main characters like Otis (hopefully without a moustache), Maeve, Jean, Eric, Aimee, and the rest will return for the new season, as there’s a lot of unfinished business.

Jean, we’re looking at you and your (unconfirmed?) baby daddy, because judging by her reaction to the DNA test, it doesn’t look like the baby is Jakob’s.

There’s also a possibility that something might just happen between Adam and Rahim, who we saw getting close after a certain situation involving a bus, a sock, and the show’s most hilarious mishap yet.

Otis with our new fave, Ruby. (Credit: Netflix)

There are plenty more storylines that were left unfinished, and we can’t wait to see what season four has in store for us.

Hopefully it’s a lot kinder to Ruby, Lily, Adam, and his dad Michael, who were our unexpected favourites from season three.

Not to mention, learning about all things sex in the most unconventional ways possible.

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