EXCLUSIVE: Laura Henshaw & Steph Miller on the importance of using social platforms for good

"Every little bit counts," shares the Witchery White Shirt Campaign ambassadors
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2023 marks Witchery’s 15th annual White Shirt Campaign in partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) and this year the iconic Aussie brand has collaborated with Pip Edwards to create their annual white shirt style. 

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One woman dies every eight hours from ovarian cancer in Australia and there is currently no early detection test. Which is why, Witchery has joined forces with the OCRF to fund research into developing an early-detection test and more effective treatments for Ovarian cancer.

Developing an early detection test for the next generation could save the lives of more than 8,000 Australian women and more than 1.3 million women worldwide, throughout the next 10 years. 

As Australia’s largest funder of ovarian cancer research, Witchery’s White Shirt Campaign sees 100% of gross proceeds for every white shirt sold, donated directly to the OCRF, so they can continue funding researchers. 

WHO sat down with proud White Shirt campaign ambassadors Stephanie Miller & Laura Henshaw to find out how to support the great cause. 

Steph Miller and Laura Henshaw
(Credit: Witchery)

Why did you decide to become ambassadors for Witchery’s White Shirt Campaign?

Laura: I am proud to support the Witchery White Shirt Campaign because five women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day. We must do everything we can to help find an early detection test. It is vital for our future generations.

Steph: I have always admired the work of the OCRF and the incredible researchers. The Witchery White Shirt Campaign has raised so much awareness and funds for the cause to date however there is still work to be done to find an early detection test and I am honoured to do my part.

Has anyone close to you been affected by ovarian cancer?

Laura: I have been very lucky to not have any family members or close friends affected by the disease but in working with the OCRF across the past few years I have got to know many of the people who have been affected and followed their journey. Leane, who is a part of the campaign does an incredible job at education across her IG platform.

Steph: No, as far as I’m aware anyway. It’s scary how long it can go undiagnosed – and after getting to know different individuals through supporting the campaign over the years, it’s heartbreaking to hear how much it impacts them and their families. As Laura mentioned, Leane Flynn is one individual we have had the pleasure of getting to know, along with her daughters, and I’m very inspired by her resilience and passion to educate people on Ovarian Cancer.

Steph Miller and Laura Henshaw
(Credit: Instagram)

How can people get involved with the White Shirt Campaign?

Laura: Why not host or suggest a fundraising event at your workplace? I’m looking forward to hosting a white shirt themed morning tea at KIC so we can join the chorus, start conversations about ovarian cancer and raise funds for ovarian cancer research.

The White Shirt is a timeless wardrobe staple – what’s your favourite way to style a white shirt?

Steph: I’m a sucker for an oversized shirt so I actually got this year’s shirt in a few sizes up. I’ve paired it with loose suit pants and sneakers before, and dressed it up with black leggings and a heel. A white shirt is a staple, and this year’s design by Pip is so cool.

Do you have any style icons, in particular, you look at for fashion inspiration?

Steph: I love Grace Beverly, Matilda Djerf and Hayley Bieber. I love a relaxed, comfortable but well put together look.

Laura: I love Hayley Bieber’s style. It is so effortlessly cool.

Steph Miller and Laura Henshaw
(Credit: Witchery)

What role do you see fashion brands and influencers playing in promoting social and environmental causes, and how can they be more responsible and impactful in their efforts?

Laura & Steph: They should be playing a huge role. Consumers are becoming more and more conscious, and there is so much more choice now when it comes to making purchase decisions and who we are following online. There is absolutely a shift, people want to spend their money on brands making a difference and standing for something they connect with.

How important is it for you both to use your platforms to make a positive difference in the world?

Laura & Steph: It is so important. We feel extremely lucky to have the platforms we do, and understand the huge responsibility this comes with. Through all we do at KIC we are on a mission to change the relationship people have with themselves and their health and ensure we continue to empower them with all the tools they need to be in control of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any advice you would give to other brands or individuals looking to use their platform to make a positive difference in the world?

Laura & Steph: There are so many important causes out there that need support. Get behind those you connect with and don’t underestimate the ‘little’ things you can do to support – because every little bit counts.

The 2023 Witchery White Shirt will be available to shop online via and in-store throughout Australia and New Zealand from Tuesday 11 April to Monday 8 May. 

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