Stu Laundy has denied rumours that he’s in a relationship with Sydney socialite Tiffany Tilley

This is awkward.
Channel 10

Stu Laundy may be the frontrunner in the lead up to The Bachelorette finale, but it appears he’s been linked to a Sydney socialite!

But before your heart breaks for lovable blonde, Sophie Monk, it appears she has nothing to worry about as friends close to both Laundy and Tilley have confirmed the news is not true in an interview with Sydney Confidential. 

Tilley’s brother even called Stu and questioned him about the rumours and “Apparently Stu denied any involvement with Tiffany.” 

“It is all over the eastern suburbs,” one source said.

“I even overheard a group of guys talking about it at Pelicano the other night.”

One friend defended Tilley’s came and promptly confirmed that the rumours as false.

“I called Tiffany when I heard about this and she is denying anything has happened,” the friend revealed.

“They don’t even really know each other.”

Right, carry on then! 

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