Terri Irwin thinks Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell will be engaged

A wildlife wedding is on the cards!

Terri Irwin has spoken out about her daughter Bindi Irwin’s relationship to Chandler Powell. 

And it seems the Crocodile Hunter’s wife has high hopes for her daughter’s boyfriend. In fact Irwin thinks marriage is on the cards for the pair.

“I’d be surprised if they didn’t [get engaged],” she told Us Weekly.

The 54-year-old was at the Animal Plant’s celebration for Crickey! It’s the Irwins

“I really think that this is a long-term situation.” 

“I mean, Chandler is perfect as well. I’ve never heard him swear. He doesn’t drink. He’s just awesome. He’s the kind of man you hope for your daughter, so I think I’m lucky.”

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Irwin, 20, and Powell, 21, confirmed they were an item back in 2015.

“He’s just so very consistent and lovely and wonderful and he’s always there for me. I think that’s so nice, to find someone who you can count on no matter what, whether it’s the good times or the challenging times,” she has said.

“They’re gonna be there to hold your hand and walk beside you in this journey of life. So I am incredibly blessed to have found my person to share this kind of a hurricane of a life with, and it’s awesome.”

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