The Bachelorette Sophie Monk reveals the truth about her baby plans with Stu Laundy

How cute would their child be?!
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Only last night, Sophie Monk chose Stu Laundy has her man on The Bachelorette, but the blonde has already spoken out about their future baby plans!

Well, sort of. During an interview with 37-year-old confirmed that she was considering IVF treatment in a bid to conceive.

This, of course, comes on the back of Laundy’s declaration about having a vasectomy years ago. 

“[The vasectomy] doesn’t really matter because it can be reversed pretty quickly or regardless, I could go freeze my eggs and chuck ’em over to wherever he’s got his sperm banked,” Sophie told the news site.

Fair point! So, does the loved-up new couple have a timeline? Not exactly, as they have a few hurdles to cross first, like, um spending time together after the finale wrapped up!


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Laundy is already a father to four children with ex-wife Rachel. Still, he told Sophie on the show that he’d be keen for more children, however, he admitted although he’s excited family with Sophie, the two have to discuss their options at depth.

“We have two options but we haven’t really discussed them yet,” Laundy revealed. “We should probably go out and have a meal first.”

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