Get to know The Block’s Courtney and Hans

'We were chasing our tails the whole season.'
Photographed by Who by Adam Haddrick

Flight attendant Courtney, 33, and pilot Hans, 37, ditched their engagement celebrations for a chance at winning this season.

WHO: How did you meet?

Courtney: We met through a mutual friend but there was no wooing initially as I had no interest in dating a pilot. But after I got to know him, I found out he has a great sense of humour, a beautiful personality, and really good values and morals.

Hans: So basically, that’s a really nice way of saying I wore you down.

WHO: Tell us about your exciting engagement!

Courtney: Hans proposed a few days out from filming The Block! We had the ring ready to go but I thought Hans was going to wait until when the renovation was all done and dusted.

Hans: But instead I put her to the test. We had the ring ready, so we figured, why not?

the block
(Credit: Photographed by Who by Adam Haddrick)

WHO: Have you ever considered any other reality shows?

Courtney: Hans and I applied for The Amazing Race four years ago and made it through to auditions. We travel on standby 80 per cent of the time, so we’re always running to gates to get flights, which you do a lot on the show, so we thought we would be great at that.

WHO: What did you think when you got the gig on The Block?

Courtney: I panicked. I wasn’t ready!

Hans: We had no mood boards or plans, we didn’t have any strategies or rooms that we’d based the apartment on, so we were just winging it.

WHO: How did you cope with the stress of the competition?

Courtney: If I felt like I wasn’t doing well, I’d have a meltdown, but I’ll own that. Hans and I had little arguments, but they were based on little things. It definitely was tough at times. What qualities proved to be your downfall on the show?

Hans: We were relying on builders that dictated how we went about doing things. We were basically jumping into the abyss and chasing our tails the whole season.

  • Interview by Erin Miller

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