The Block’s Kerrie: “I’m considering botox!”

The Block star gets candid.
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Despite her slim physique, The Block Australia’s Kerrie Charter still worries about her “problem bits”. 

“My trouble area is my thighs, and I’m getting bingo wings,” she tells WHO. 

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“But I don’t really care anymore what people think,” the South Australian nurse says. 

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“Spence has helped with that because he is so laid- back about his body so being with him has made me think he loves me as I am.” 

The thing that gave her confidence was learning kickboxing. “I disturbed a burglar at my sister’s house and learning self-defence gave me the confidence to fight him off, identify him and press charges,” she says. 

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“I think all girls should learn some kind of self-defence at school.” Celebrating her 50th birthday next year, she’s embracing getting older. 

“Age gives you a bit more freedom to be happy with who you are,” she says.

“I am considering Botox and I’d like to stay healthy and fit as I get older. I’d also like to do a figure competition, which is body building but a shapely division. Ageing doesn’t bother me. The only thing that really sh*ts me is having to wear glasses to read. I find that really, really annoying.”

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(Credit: WHO)
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