The Block’s Sara: “I hate my boobs!”

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Outspoken and controversial, Sara Vale has bared all this season on The Block Australia

But despite her confidence, she reveals to WHO the struggles she has with her self-esteem. 

“Living in Bondi is hard – there’s a lot of pretty people around, so it’s a lot of pressure,” Sara tells WHO. 

“Everyone’s slim, skinny, taut, terrific. Ever since I gave birth I haven’t really been a fan of my body, though I loved what my body produced.” 

She admits there’s one part of her body she’s always had an issue with, even before she was pregnant. 

(Credit: WHO)

“I’ve never liked my boobs, they’re too big and they’re uneven,” Sara, 32, says. 

“I know it’s normal, but I just don’t like my boobs. I’m not a fan and never have been.” 

Sara is happy to try cosmetic procedures or surgery if it helps her feel more confident in her looks. 

“I’ve had Botox and fillers. When I got married I had fillers for the first time in my cheeks. I’ve never had them after that; I felt there was no point. But I love Botox and I’ve said to Hayden I want a mummy makeover, boob lift and a tummy tuck, when we’ve completed our family.”

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(Credit: WHO)
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