The Holiday actually ~isn’t~ getting a sequel and our hearts are breaking

This is not the news we needed.
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The 2006 Christmas film, The Holiday is one of the best festive films of all time. There we said it. Arguably even better than Love Actually. 

From the perfect soundtrack, drool-worthy houses and undeniable chemistry between the film’s all-star cast, The Holiday seems to have it all. 

And now, fans might even be getting a sequel. 

Yeah, you read that right, this week The Sun reported that the iconic film was getting a sequel almost 17 years later. 

In even better news, the source also revealed the original cast was set to return.

“The plan is to start rolling on scenes next year, primarily in the U.K. and in Europe, but the main talent are all signed up and on board,” a source told The Sun

“It’s one of the most successful movies of its kind and still enjoyed every year by millions of fans around the world – it makes perfect sense to revisit those characters and find out what became of their lives after they hooked up.”

“It’ll be funny, poignant, and heartwarming – just what everyone wants for Christmas.”

The Holiday
(Credit: Universal Pictures) (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Will there be The Holiday 2? 

Look, we are hoping, no, praying, for the news to be true. But at the end of the day, the only information we have is from an anonymous source. 

It’s also important to note that rom-com royalty Nancy Meyers, 72,  who directed the original has not directed a feature film since 2015’s The Intern

But as we wait for more information, we can’t help but think about all the potential plot lines of the sequel. Are Graham and Amanda still in the UK? Are Iris and Miles in LA? Are there more kids in the picture? Weddings? Even more incredible houses? The possibilities are endless. 

And just days after The Sun shared news of a potential reboot, director Nancy Meyers has shut down the claims. 

Taking to Instagram, the filmmaker wrote, “So many DM’s about this – sorry but it’s not true.” 

Do you hear that? It’s our hearts breaking. 

The Holiday
(Credit: Universal Pictures) (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Who will star in The Holiday sequel? 

Cameron Diaz, 50, Jude Law, 49 , Kate Winslet, 47, and Jack Black, 53 made up the original all-star cast – and we were hoping they would be in the new film. 

The Sun’s source did state that the main talent were all “signed up and on board”.

But if Nancy Meyer’s Instagram post wasn’t heartbreaking enough, Kate Winslet has also shut down the rumours in an interview with People magazine, explaining, “I read something about that, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it.” 

“I promise you not an agent or a representative or anyone from the first one around has had any conversation with me about that. Hand on heart, that’s never come up.”

The Holiday
(Credit: Universal Pictures) (Credit: Universal Pictures)

When will The Holiday 2 be available to watch? 

Well, the claims may have been refuted. But we’re still holding out hope that one day a sequel will be made!! We’ll keep you posted.

Where to watch The Holiday 2 in Australia

Again, no word yet, but in the meantime why not watch the original? 

Stream it now on Amazon Prime, live and on demand with a 30 day FREE trial. START FREE TRIAL

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